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In Greek mythology, Nike was the goddess of speed, strength, and victory. Nike, the world famous sporting goods company, has long been associated with championship-level excellence. Names like Jordan, Woods, Kobe, LeBron, Messi—names even non-sports fans recognize—represent speed, strength, excellence, and style. When you see the ubiquitous swoosh, you know exactly what you’re looking at.

The same goes for Nike sunglasses.

Nike makes a wide variety of sunglasses suited for the field, the trail, the course, and everywhere in between. And don’t forget, some of them are made for plain old lookin’ good.

Are Nike Sunglasses Impact Resistant?

Yes. Sport (and life in general) is full of hard, moving objects. It’s essential that eyewear, especially sports-related eyewear, has impact resistant lenses. Nike lenses are made from shatter-resistant and lightweight polycarbonate and nylon lens materials for optimal impact protection.

Are Nike Sunglasses Lenses Scratch Resistant?

The lenses in Nike sunglasses include an advanced hydrophobic coating that allows for a scratch-resistant surface that also repels liquids. In fact, sweat, water, salt, sand, fingerprints—you name it—wipe effortlessly away.

Are Nike Sunglasses 100% UV Protected

They are. In fact, Nike sunglasses offer 100% protection against both UVA and UVB light. Nike’s home-grown lenses like the Max Polarized, Golf Tint, Speed Tint, and Outdoor Tint shield you from harsh light, allowing for optimal sight and performance.

What Are Nike Max Optics Sunglasses?

The Nike Max Optics lens design delivers zero distortion straight ahead, as well as minimal distortion across the complete curve of the lens. Before cutting the lens, Nike positions the lens blank where the line of sight matches the lens’s optical sweet spot for an optimal optical experience. Why is this important? Because precision visual equipment can make the difference between winning and losing, that’s why. 

Does Nike Offer Replaceable Lenses?

Yes. Nike Max Lens options allow you the freedom to switch the lenses in your favorite Nike frames to match whatever the playing conditions may be.

Not bad, right? Nike makes a fine pair of sunglasses, and thanks to their historical emphasis on performance sportswear, their sunglasses will provide outstanding performance for the active (and even the casual) athlete. 

These models get our votes for best Nike sunglasses.

Nike Terminus Sunglasses

Optimize your game with these sleek sunnies. Available in several colors and with polarized lenses, you won’t miss a thing when you sport the Nike Terminus. Game over. 

Nike Mercurial 6.0 Sunglasses

You might be mercurial, but these Nike sunglasses aren’t. You’re cool-factor will be a constant when you wear these hypoallergenic, unisex sunnies.

Nike Premier 8.0 Sunglasses

Maybe you never won a thing in your life. Well, you’ll look like a champ when you strut your stuff in these unisex wraparound shades made of lightweight Zyl. 

Nike Flex Momentum Sunglasses

You’ll be the most fashion-forward player on the links with these ultra-trendy, Aviator-esque sunglasses. Featuring a double bridge, these women's shades are lightweight and cool. Fore!

Nike Golf X2 Pro Sunglasses

You’ll see like an eagle on the sunniest fairway when you don the Nike Golf X2 Pro sunglasses. Range the course with style with these semi-rimless and durable plastic beauties. 

Nike Intersect Sunglasses

You’ll stand out at the corner of cool and trendy when you put your Intersect shades on. The edgy, rectangular shape will tell everyone around that you are where all things awesome converge.

Nike Avid SQ P Sunglasses

Folks will take an avid interest in the mysterious person behind these stylish and smoky metal sunglasses. Give them a hint—but don’t give it all away.

Nike Flex Finesse Sunglasses

People will love your retro charm with these trendy Flex Finesse frames. Their chunky appeal says, “Breakfast with Audrey. And then a jog.” Available with mirror coating on select colors.

Nike Varsity—Children's Sunglasses

Whether they’re standing at their locker or at third base, your young athlete will feel top-of-the-class when they sport these eye-catching Nike shades for kids. After all, there’s nothing JV about looking good.

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