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who makes ray-ban

Sunglasses Manufacturers

What company makes my favorite sunglasses?

A range of very small to very large manufacturers create the eyeglasses and sunglasses we carry on FramesDirect.com. Some great American companies like Costa and Shuron, for example, only make products for their in-house, name brand lines. Other brands, including many of the high-end designer labels, are produced by large manufacturers who make many other brands as well.

At FramesDirect.com we source eyewear from over 50 different manufacturers, but a large number of our top brands are manufactured by a small number of companies. Many people have heard of Luxottica; they make many of the most popular eyeglass and sunglass brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, and Michael Kors. Another high profile sunglasses manufacturer is Safilo, who brings you brands like Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, and Hugo Boss.

Below you will find a breakdown of the 7 largest eyeglasses manufacturers that FrameDirect.com gets products from. Of course, this diagram does not include many of the smaller, but still awesome eyewear companies like Maui Jim, LaFont, Serengeti, and Wiley X.

sunglasses manufacturers

When buying sunglasses online it is important to be assured what you are purchasing is the genuine article. FramesDirect.com is an authorized dealer of all of the designer brands that we carry, which means that we get the glasses directly from the manufacturer. Some of our customers are worried when they see "Made in China" printed on their frames. This alone is not, in fact, a cause for concern. Luxottica, for example, has been manufacturing Ray-Ban since 1999 and Oakley since 2007, and some styles from both those high quality brands are made in Chinese factories.

If you have any questions about buying glasses online please contact one of the expert opticians on staff.

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