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Native Eyewear, a Colorado-based, USA-made sunglasses brand, is dedicated to creating sturdy, not-gonna-shatter sunglasses that stand up to your hobbies. Sporty or trendy frames in bold colors or earthy hues—whatever your preference—Native has sunnies to suit. These rugged sunglasses offer an athletic vibe without going over-the-top, so they’ll look great on your bike trip or on a casual outing. What makes Native Eyewear so good? We’re counting down the reasons.

Top 5 Reasons You'll Love Native Sunglasses

Native Sunglasses Fit Like a Glove

Because it’s not just about style, Native Eyewear creates glasses that offer fit and function that stands up to every adventure. Natives are designed to stay where they belong—they won’t budge, even at your most active. Non-slip grip is built into Native’s sunglasses frames, and they’re designed to offer a secure fit behind the ears. A range of frames offer adjustable nose pads, so you get the slip-free fit you need whether you’re running a marathon or rock climbing. They’re even more grippy thanks to the addition of non-slip Cushinol™ at the nose pads, temple tips and arms and specially designed hinges. The frames are super-lightweight, but they won’t shy away from hard work.

You Can Build the Sunglasses You Need

Native sunnies offer the features you need for your favorite activities: no-slip grip, polarized, shatterproof lenses, a variety of sizes for a perfectly fitting frame, and dust- and debris- blocking technology.  They’re built to perform right out of the case. But, if you’re looking for a little extra, you can modify your shades to meet the demands of your active lifestyle. Native provides the accessories to trick out your shades with temple boots and nose pads for added comfort, and no-slip straps that are more than willing to test the limits. These sunglasses are made to work for you, and they’re not going to budge while they’re on the job.

Interchangeable, Polarized Lenses Boost Performance

You’re not going to have the exact same light conditions every time you go out on your bike or hit the water, or stop by the course for a quick round. Different light conditions require the tinted lenses to match. Other brands offer interchangeable lenses, but they can be clunky or difficult to work with. Native Eyewear offers an easy-change solution that allows you to quickly switch your lenses when the light conditions call for it. Native’s interchangeable lenses are standard in all of their semi-rimless, rimless, and full frame models, giving you the flexibility to switch your lenses on-the-fly. 

Additionally, their advanced polarized lenses put basic lenses to shame. Polarized lenses cut glare and make it easier to see in high-glare environments, like while on the water or driving. This can be done in a few ways. The first, less durable way involves a coating on the lenses to block the horizontal light that’s bouncing back at you. Native actually injects the polarized film inside the lenses for sharp, clear polarized treatment that won’t scratch off. The result is crystal-clear vision without distracting glare.

Native Sunglasses are Eco-Friendly

Because Native is dedicated to keeping this planet as lush, green, and healthy as possible, they use castor-based resins and plastic alternatives for their eyewear and utilize thoughtfully created, earth-conscious, recycled packaging. Castor beans are used to create biodegradable materials that can really take a beating. In fact, all of the Native sunglasses made after 2016 use eco-friendly materials. These rugged materials are strong, yet flexible—they stand up to hard use better than traditional plastics for a pair of adventure-ready sunglasses that know no limits.

Native Eyewear Has a Lifetime Warranty

Native’s warranty and replacement program is another fantastic way to keep the earth happy—and trash out of landfills. On top of a limited warranty for products with manufacturer defects, Native eyewear’s lifetime warranty offers repair for scratched lenses or products damaged through wear and tear. If your Natives have been through some tough times, you can also get a lens replacement kit and give your shades a refresh at home. A small fee may apply if a warranty claim is made—but it’s worth it to keep your trusty shades in perfect working order.

Native Eyewear makes quality sunglasses—the fact that they’re eco-friendly, shatterproof, and rugged wasn’t an accident, and it certainly wasn’t an afterthought. The company set out to create the sunglasses they wanted for their active lifestyles, and they built a product that is ready to take on any journey. Whether your goal is to push boundaries and explore your world or just to get a fantastic pair of sunnies for your daily walk to your favorite coffee stand, Native has a pair of glasses you’ll love.

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