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where are Ray-Bans made

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Where are Ray-Bans Made?

Are My Ray-Bans Genuine?

"Where are Ray-Bans made?" is a frequently asked question - most likely because customers are trying to ensure their Ray-Ban products are genuine. FramesDirect.com is an authorized dealer of Ray-Ban products, so if you order from us then you're 100% guaranteed to receive real Ray-Ban glasses. But the question "Where are Ray-Bans made?" is a good one, because the answer has changed in relatively recent history.

Since Ray-Ban is known as an arbiter of American style, some people may wonder why Ray-Ban's aren't made in the USA. While Ray-Ban has always been a classic American brand, founded in 1937, Ray-Ban glasses have not been manufactured in the USA for quite some time. In 1999, Bausch & Lomb sold Ray-Ban to Italian eyewear giant, Luxottica. If you happen to come across a USA-made pair of Ray-Bans from Bausch & Lomb, you either got an old pair of vintage frames or a fake.

where are ray-bans made

When Luxottica initially started manufacturing Ray-Bans in 1999, they were made in Italy. But throughout the years, Luxottica has grown exponentially and have started opening factories outside their native country. Today, Luxoticca operates factories both in Italy and China. Many Ray-Bans are made in Italy, but many authentic Ray-Bans are also made in China. Luxottica guarantees that the quality of the products from their Chinese factories is in no way compromised. The glasses are made from the same materials with the same machines, just in a different location.

rb3016 sunglasses

How to Tell if Ray-Bans are Real

So now you know that "Made in China" is NOT a red flag for fake Ray-Bans, but what can you look for to ensure you Ray-Bans are the real deal?

Don't believe too good to be true pricing

Luxottica sets rules about how much Ray-Bans can be discounted. You may get a discontinued item cheaper, but if it's a current model, you wont find it for more than around 30% off retail anywhere reputable.

Check the seal

Ray-Ban protective carrying cases have a round seal with the Ray-Ban signature logo in the middle and "100% UV protection" at the top and "Sunglasses by Luxottica" at the bottom.

genuine ray-bans packaging

What's included?

Genuine Ray-Ban packaging comes with a branded cleaning cloth in a plastic sleeve and an information booklet.

If you have questions about ordering authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses online, contact one of our experienced opticians.

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