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In the classic cartoon series Superman, the man of steel used eyeglasses to disguise his personality. With the glasses, he became Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter who worked for the Daily Planet, and no one could tell that he was a superhero.

Are you looking to disguise your true identity as a superhero? Or, do you just have two personalities that you want to switch between?

It's amazing how much a pair of eyeglasses can change others' perception of you. Whatever personality you want to take on, whether real or fake, there is a pair of eyeglasses for you. Get some ideas from the following personalities.

The quiet, nerdy student - D&G has a lot of geeky frames to fit this personality. Your inner-nerd will geek out at the letter print on some versions of the D&G DD5102 Eyeglasses for women. The men's D&G DD1225 Eyeglasses offer two-toned frames, making you look good while studying. You may even catch the eye of the other studious boy or girl at the library in one of these frames.

The center of attention - Outgoing social butterflies like to stand out at a party. Nothing says "look at me" like the women's Lafont Baroque Eyeglasses. First of all, the floral cut-outs that extend from the frame front to the temples are not something you typically see on a pair of eyeglasses. In addition though, the small rhinestones add some sparkle and shine to the temples, making the frames look almost like costume glasses.

Von Zipper Ctrl + Alt + Del Eyeglasses

Von Zipper Ctrl + Alt + Del Eyeglasses

Looking intimidating - If you think those tattoos on your arms don't do enough to make people nervous, add some eyewear to the mix. The Von Zipper Ctrl + Alt + Del Eyeglasses for men come in large rectangular frames, giving the wearer a look of confidence and strength. No one will want to mess with you in these eyeglasses.

Living a happy-go-lucky philosophy - If your idea of a good day is lounging at happy hour or enjoying a picnic in the park, Ray-Ban is the style for you. All day, any day, the Ray-Ban RX RX5226 Eyeglasses for women will fit perfectly into a chill lifestyle. As one of Ray-Ban's most popular eyeglasses, these cat-eyed frames are stylish enough to make you feel comfortable in any situation.

Fast-paced business lifestyle - If you spend all day rushing from meeting to meeting, you need a pair of eyeglasses to give you confidence and style but that are conservative enough for a formal environment. For men, the Burberry BE1213 Eyeglasses will make anyone doing business with you want to trust you. The Burberry BE1209 Eyeglasses for women also look important enough for you to pull off a million-dollar business deal.

Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 477 Eyeglasses

Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 477 Eyeglasses

Starving artist - If you choose your love of painting over a more "realistic" office job, you need a special pair of eyeglasses. You don't want anything to take away from your actual art, but you want something that's a little fun. The Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 477 Eyeglasses for women come in stripes of color, whether on the inside or outside, to add a special level of creativity and fun to the frames.

Aspiring musician - If you lock yourself up in your room, brooding away until you write the perfect song, you need to look the part. The John Varvatos V336 Eyeglasses will make you fit right in with your band. They are simple enough, with the small rectangular shape and thin temples, to prove you aren't trying too hard.

Grandmotherly type - If you are always baking cookies for people and knitting them sweaters, you may have grandparent tendencies. And you need some simple frames to complete the look, as you recount stories about "back in your day," whether it was 40 or 4 years ago. The women's Ralph Lauren RL5071 Eyeglasses will make you look the part, as they will go well with your terry cloth house coat.

Oakley Servo Eyeglasses

Oakley Servo Eyeglasses

Athletic and active lifestyle - For years, Oakley has been designing eyeglasses for amateur and professional athletes. For the athlete who just wants to chill out but still sport some Oakleys, the Oakley Servo Eyeglasses for men are a pretty good choice. With straight temples, these frames say sporty with a confident, take-charge look like nothing else.

Nostalgic for things of the past - If you spend your weekends learning how to dance the 1920s Charleston and your evenings watching reruns of Downton Abbey, we have the frames for you. Try the men's Savile Row Round with Nosepads (OSRC7) Eyeglasses. These perfectly-round frames will fit in so well with your straw boater hat and suited vest that you may opt for this style on more days than just once a week.

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