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This summer, as patients who wear contact lenses begin to experience the effects of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis, CooperVision is reminding practitioners that switching patients to a daily modality can help them improve lens-wearing comfort. Wearing new lenses each day means that deposits such as allergens have less time to build up on the lens surface, minimizing allergic response.

"The two best options for contact lens wearers who experience allergic reactions and would like to continue wearing their contacts during those times are pharmacological therapy and the utilization of 1 day disposable lenses," said Harvard Sylvan, OD, director, professional relations, CooperVision. "As lens dehydration and protein deposition can occur during the course of the day even with daily disposables, a material that resists both deposits and dehydration is preferable."

One study found that 67 percent of allergy sufferers agreed that daily disposable lenses provided improved comfort when compared to the reusable spherical soft lenses they wore prior to the study[1]. Also citing better vision with daily disposables, the patients who participated in this three-year prospective study reported fewer allergic ocular symptoms than with conventional daily-wear soft lenses.

The daily modality also has the highest patient compliance rate at 94 percent[2]. In part, this is because daily disposable lenses are extremely convenient and easy for patients to use and handle, and require no end-of-day lens care regimen, expensive solutions, or overnight storage of worn lenses.

"With the rise of environmental antigens causing discomfort and intolerance, allergy season presents a great opportunity for practitioners to move patients to daily disposables," said James Gardner, senior director of marketing, CooperVision. "Patients are very loyal to the daily modality due to its convenience, performance, comfort, and promotion of health, so they're incentivized to return for the next annual supply on the anniversary of the initial dispense."

CooperVision 1 Day Disposable Lenses
Proclear 1 Day 90 pack Contact LensesAs part of CooperVision's PC Hydrogel family of lenses, Proclear 1 Day disposable contact lenses feature PC Technology, providing patients with the convenience of a daily disposable lens and comfort that lasts all day long. Additionally, Proclear 1 Day lenses are made with omafilcon A material, the only lens material with an FDA-cleared indication which may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear.

About CooperVision
CooperVision, a unit of The Cooper Companies, Inc. [NYSE: COO], is one of the world's leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses. Dedicated to enhancing the contact lens experience for practitioners and patients, CooperVision specializes in lenses for astigmatism and presbyopia. CooperVision manufactures a full array of monthly, two-week, and daily disposable contact lenses featuring advanced materials and optics. For more information, visit http://www.coopervision.com.

[1] Source: "An Evaluation of 1-Day Disposable Contact Lens Wearers in a Population of Allergy Sufferers," V. Hayes, C. Schnider, and J. Veys, Contact Lens & Anterior Eye, June 2003.

[2] Source: "Compliance and Contact Lenses," Review of Cornea and Contact Lenses, March 2006.

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