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Vision Therapy

In come cases, your optometrist may consider vision therapy as a means of solving vision problems.

Vision therapy is a special therapy for the eyes that is designed to correct vision problems. Sometimes is it prescribed for patients with a lazy eye, double vision, crossed eyes and other vision problems.

It can also be used to treat reading or learning disabilities but it is still uncertain whether vision therapy is useful in treating such cases.

Vision therapy is a non-surgical procedure and is simply a series of eye exercises. The therapy is initially and usually performed under the supervision of your optometrist and often consists of one or two treatments which last about 30 minutes. The exercises are continued in your home to supplement and reinforce your doctor's treatment. Each programme is custom designed to fit your particular visual requirements.

Your optometrist may decide to supplement the therapy with the use of various devices which can include eye patches, corrective and therapeutic lenses, balance boards, optical filters and even computer software - all designed to improve your visual comfort and quality.

Patients of all ages benefit from vision therapy, whether they suffer from congenital, developmental, or acquired vision dysfunctions.

If you have a vision problem that may be corrected without the need of eyewear, your optometrist may consider vision therapy as a means of solving the problem.

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