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disposable contact lenses

Disposable Contact Lenses

What You Need to Know About Disposable Contact Lenses

As the name implies, "disposable" contact lenses are worn for a prescribed time period, then discarded and replaced with new lenses. These lenses have become the most popular type of contact lens in use today and are preferred by eye professionals for their health and convenience value. Disposable contact lenses are replaced at varying times but usually not longer than six months. Some lenses are replaced daily, while others can be changed every two weeks, monthly, quarterly or half-yearly. The period depends on personal needs and your optometrist's prescription.

Why Discard Contact Lenses?

It is healthier and more comfortable for the eyes if contact lenses are replaced at frequent intervals. Substances found naturally in your tears, such as lipids, protein and calcium, form deposits on your lenses causing discomfort and susceptibility to infection. Cleaning is not always totally effective, and these deposits remain and accumulate over time.

Daily Disposables for Optimum Eye Health

Also referred to as one-day disposables, daily disposable contact lenses are discarded at night and replaced with fresh ones in the morning. There is no cleaning required, and no health risk, because harmful deposits do not build up on the lens.

Although disposable lenses cost more than conventional ones, the difference is slight and offset by not having to purchase cleaning products.

Who Can Wear Disposables?

Most people can wear disposable contact lenses, but there are exceptions. An unusual prescription may require conventional lenses, but your optometrist can evaluate your eye physiology and personal needs to determine what is best for you.

Disposable lenses today come in a wide selection of types and designs, which include vision correction, eye-enhancing and cosmetic contact lenses. There is a great deal available from which to choose that can make you look and see better.

The Right Replacement Schedule

There are a number of factors to take into account and much will depend on the behavior of your eyes while wearing lenses. Some eyes produce more protein and lipids than others and these will require frequent replacement of lenses. This would also be the case for those suffering from allergies, particularly during the peak season.

An optometrist should examine your eyes and consult with you to determine the replacement period that will suit you.

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