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stop glasses sliding

How to Stop Your Glasses from Slipping

Anybody who wears glasses knows how annoying it can be when they slide down your nose. Fortunately, stopping your glasses from slipping can be as simple as an inexpensive add-on or maybe a frames adjustment.

Eyeglasses Products and Add-Ons

stop glasses slipping

There are a wide variety of products designed to keep your glasses where they’re supposed to be. Some are aimed at treating your skin to make it less slippery, but most are products you add to your glasses to help them stay in place.

  • One of the products getting a lot of attention lately is a wax that comes in a tube, applied to the parts of the frame that come into contact with the nose. It creates friction, preventing your glasses from sliding down your nose.

  • There are also products you can add to your glasses, including non-slip nose pads generally made of silicone or foam. They stick to your frames or nose pads and grip the bridge of your nose.

  • Another option is an add-on that can be attached to the temple arm to stop glasses from slipping. Several different types of attachments slide over the end of the earpiece to better grip the ear.

  • If you prefer do-it-yourself solutions, you can slip a small piece of rubber tubing over the earpiece where the temple arm rests on the ear then heat-shrink it in place.

  • An on-the-go option for people with longer hair is to wrap a hair tie around the earpiece where it sits just behind the ear. This solution can work in a pinch and can be added and removed as conditions require.

How to Adjust Glasses

It’s possible, however, that your glasses really don’t need anything to keep them in place but a simple adjustment. There are many parts of the frame that can be adjusted to prevent glasses from slipping. Depending on the cause of the slipping, you can make adjustments to the bridge, nose pads, temple arms, and earpieces. Although it’s possible to make minor adjustments to your frames, there is a risk that using excessive force can break your glasses. It’s better to let an eyewear professional handle this job. Many eyewear retailers will do this for you as a courtesy. If, knowing the risks, you’re sure you want to try it yourself, there are a few parts of the frame that are fairly easy to adjust, but be aware of a couple of things. When bending metal frames, be cautious of making too many adjustments to the same area. That can weaken the metal. Plastic or acetone frames can be bent, but it’s best to heat them in hot water, or with a blow dryer first. Don’t overheat the frames or you could damage the finish or even their structural integrity.

A couple of fairly simple adjustments can be made on the nose pads and at the earpieces of the temple arms. The nose pad arms are pretty easy to adjust to help prevent your glasses from sliding down. When making this adjustment, take care to not break the weld where the nose pad arms attach to the frame. Another adjustment is to bend in the temple tips so they grab your head, or down to hold the back of the ear. For the more adventurous, adjustments can be made to the temple arms and even the bridge, but be aware of making changes that affect the distance from your eyes to the lenses, or your pupillary distance.

Start With Frames that Fit

One of the best ways to keep your glasses where they belong is to buy frames that fit your facial features in the first place. There are a lot of measurements associated with eye glass frames, but mastering those numbers will ensure your glasses fit well and are less likely to slide down your nose. Important measurements include the temple arms, bridge, frame width and lens width. By knowing your measurements, you’re more likely to buy glasses that will stick where you need them. While you’re thinking about proper fit, also remember that some glasses are heavier than others. The more they weigh, the more they’ll be tempted by gravity. If you have the option, consider getting plastic lenses instead of glass, to save the weight. And while those thick temple arms with the trendy brand logo look great on you, they add weight to the frame. The lighter your frames, the more likely they’ll be to stay where you put them.

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